The Restaurant

Our family wants to offer you a great selection of local products. You will always find typical cold cuts, our fresh pasta, traditional mains and homemade desserts.

A carefully selected wine and grappa list will complement your meal at its best.




Traditional recipes like rabbit with aromatic herbs, pot roasts and jugged deer (in wine sauce), accompanied by polenta, will bring back the nostalgia for your grandma's cooking and the aroma of long-gone days. All our desserts are homemade, and we have carefully selected the best wines and types of grappa to accompany your meal.


We organize cooking classes to teach our guests 

make fresh filled pasta, crespelle (a savoury form of crepes), risotto, braised meat and desserts. The effort it takes to cook all these dishes gets rewarded when we sit around a table to taste everything we have prepared.


Our menu


First courses

Fresh gnocchi with cheese cream or tomato and basil sauce


Classic bolognese lasagna


Pumpkin and Parmesan tortelli (filled pasta)


Fresh tagliolini (egg pasta) with deer ragu


Meat casoncelli (filled pasta) with melted butter, sage and bacon


Spinach, polenta and Stracchino (fresh cheese) tortelli (filled pasta)


Pear and walnuts tortelli (filled pasta)


Pizzoccheri (buckwheat pasta) with aromatic herbs and Branzi (local cheese)

Risotto with Trevisana (red chicory) and Scamorza (smoked cheese)



Cold cuts of cured meat served with preserves in oil and homemade coleslaw


Polenta filled with cream of Taleggio (local cheese)

Smoked swordfish carpaccio

Steamy polenta with lard and salami

Small pie with porcini mushrooms


​Vegetables quiche lorraine

Second courses


Oven-oasted rabbit with aromatic herbs


Stir-fried white snails


Beef pot roast with Valcalepio rosso (local red wine)


Morsels of jugged deer (in wine sauce)


Polenta taragna (dark polenta) with porcini mushrooms


Branzi and Taleggio (local cheeses) on the grill with polenta

Warm roast beef English-style

Liver Venetian-style with polenta

Oven-roasted veal


Stewed meat roulades filled with Taleggio (local cheese)

Cassoeula (stewed pork) with cabbage

Roast stuffed with chestnuts


Chianina beef rib eye steak on the grill 4€ /hg



Raspberry pie


Steamed creme caramel


Apple strudel


Bonet from Piedmont (chocolate and amaretti pudding with rum)

Seasonal fruit salad


Lemon sorbet


Homemade Tiramisu


Pear and walnuts pie

Full menu 30 € / person
Starter, first course, second course and dessert

Tasting menu 25 € / person
Two courses of your choice from our menu and dessert

Download the menu for events, receptions and company dinners

Antipasto, Primo, Secondo and dessert 30€ /person

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